Jane Hollinger has been working with metal for over 18 years. It all started in high school when she worked for a goldsmith and fell in love with the process of working with metals. After living in NYC for a few years, she moved to upstate New York and started doing custom metal fabrication. Jane Hollinger Jewelry was officially started after people on the streets started ordering jewelry! The “COCO” circle necklace, her signature piece, was the very first necklace she designed for the line over 8 years ago, and is still one of her best sellers.

The current line of Jane Hollinger Jewelry is a timeless, yet modern mix of solid metals, including sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold. All the pieces for the line are handmade in her studio, with Jane as the designer and head metalsmith, her husband Neal Hollinger {who is also a fine art painter} as the production manager and head metalsmith, and a small trained staff of fabricators. “We are a small, hands-on company with the intent to make high quality, beautiful pieces of jewelry that are well designed and stand the test of time. I still make many of the pieces along with our team, and I make all the one-of a-kind pieces and rings. This is an ancient art, and most of the techniques we use in our studio today are the same as they were hundreds of years ago… I am inspired to make pieces that are worn and loved, and I like the idea that the jewelry is a gift, or holds special meaning to someone.”