Sophie has had a life-long involvement with jewellery, coming from a family of jewellers. Her personal passion for gold and gemstones saw her return to college to study Jewellery Design and Making. She is now in her tenth year of creating her own designs for a loyal clientele.

The aesthetic of Sophie’s design is soft and bohemian, delicate yet bold. Much of her jewellery draws inspiration from the spiritual meaning behind ancient designs and beliefs, and the symbolic and well-being energies of the stones themselves.

“Having been around the world of jewellery all my life, I have always been fascinated by how women wear their pieces – what drives their choices and what is says about them. So many stories are held in the jewels we wear; sentimental connections with people and memories. The materials I work with will be worn throughout the journey of a life and will never become dull or outworn. The resonant beauty of a stone or the patina on gold will never fade. I love that sense of permanence and that deeper connection with who we are and what we hold dear. In this ever-changing and disposable world, there aren’t many things we can say that about…”

STJ prides itself on providing the highest quality, handmade jewellery; designed in London by Sophie, and handmade by our small team of artisans in Jaipur, India.

Everything in the collection is made using the finest, ethical 18kt gold with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stone. Many of our pieces are one-offs. When you buy a Sophie Theakston piece of jewellery you are buying a piece of modern heritage jewellery, to last and hand down.